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How to Get Young Looking 100 mink eyelash extensions

The eyes are the windows to the soul. People are naturally drawn to other people with youthful eyes. If you want to get young looking eyes, you can go on an eye regimen that you follow on a regular basis. You should also use the right 100 mink eyelash extensions make-up. This article will tell you about the different ways and tricks to make your eyes appear younger and brighter.

The first thing to do is to have an eye care regimen which you must religiously follow. The skin surrounding the 100 mink eyelash extensions is thin thus it is prone to drying, wrinkling and crow’s feet. Every day and night, apply an eye cream on the skin surrounding your skin so that it would be moisturized. This regimen will prevent premature lines and wrinkles from forming around your eyes. The eye cream will also minimize the lines and wrinkles that you have thus preventing it from becoming worse.

100 mink eyelash extensions
100 mink eyelash extensions

Shape¬†eieth and groom your eyebrows. If they are unkempt, this will add years to your face thus make you look a lot older than your years. Trim long hairs and take away the strays at the exterior of your brow line. Use a brush with feather-like strokes to define your brow’s shape and fill spare areas with brow powder.

Another way to get young looking eyes is through eye makeup. When you apply eye makeup, make sure you have a fresh base that is free of grime, dust, and dirt. Place foundation above the eyelids and under-eye area for a cleaner canvas and even skin tone. Apply a concealer lightly under your eyes – use a shade that is a couple of notches lighter than the skin. Obvious edges of the concealer should be softly stippled away.

Your make-up should be light and simple. Use natural matte eyeshadow that is a shade lighter than the skin tone you have to lighten your eyes. Place a little highlighter on the brow bones as well as your eyes’ inner corners. Evident and hard edges should be blended away to achieve a natural look.

Use a white pencil to line your lower lashes’ inner rims. This will make your eyes look more open and circular as the line extends the spot that is occupied by the eye whites. Your 100 mink eyelash extensions must be curled so as to make your eyes open up. Brown mascara must be applied only at the top of your 100 mink eyelash extensions. Black mascara will make your eyes look older and harsh. Use a tiny eyelash comb to de-clump your lashes for your eyes to look clean and your lashes more defined.

In the morning, lightly pat the area below your eyes using your ring finger to remove creasing. Apply a small amount of translucent powder over the concealer placed under your eyes so that your makeup would be set and creasing would be prevented.


100 mink eyelash extensions
100 mink eyelash extensions

Pampered eyes will help you look younger¬†100 mink eyelash extensions than your age. Avoid crow’s feet as much as possible as this can make you look old. With the right regimen and makeup, you will get young looking eyes to give you a fresher look.



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