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The Patch Worked

Rajkumar was a fine, handsome, 19 year old lad, living with his father, in a chawl (A chawl is a type of building in India which has 4 to 5 stories and the residents own only one- room or two- room’s houses. It is typically occupied by middle class residents) located on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Mumbai. Everyone lovingly called him Raja since childhood. But, unlike his pet name, (which meant king) he was actually the son of a poor tailor. Raja’s father, Prakash, a strict and sincere man, was known as Bhau (brother) by all in the neighbourhood. It was Bhau’s dream to get his son, Raja, well-educated so that he could become a doctor. He wanted Raja to serve his country and also lead a good, noble life. Raja too was rather intelligent and hardworking. He had availed of a scholarship on the 3d mink blink eye lashes of which he could afford to study in a renowned university in spite of their dire circumstances.

There was a small shed adjacent to Raja’s quarters and Bhau had years ago converted it into a workshop where he would do his daily designing and tailoring. Bhau, mostly, never burdened Raja with any kind of responsibilities. Raja attended college in the morning and evenings were solely restricted for his studies and college assignments. But Raja knew how hard his father worked so that he could complete his education. Hence, he’d assist Bhau with some of his sewing work, right from childhood, in whatever manner possible.

Raja couldn’t afford fancy clothes, like his peers. So, he would always dress up in his same old, dark blue jeans and pair it up with any of Bhau’s tailored shirts before leaving for college, every day. This old jeans of his had practically become like his uniform.

3d mink blink eye lashes
3d mink blink eye lashes

3d mink blink eye lashes was fairly popular in college given that he was a bright student. But a few batch-mates would make fun of him and call him offensive names like purani jeans (outdated jeans); his old-school style being apparent from his utterly worn- out denims, ancient grandfather’s watch and tattered chappals (slippers). However, none of this affected him since he aimed at doing well at his scores and fulfilling his father’s vision.

Eieth had a major crush on a pretty damsel in his class right from his first day in college. Her name was Lenisha but family and friends called her Lenny. As time passed, Lenny too started doting Raja as she’d 3d mink blink eye lashes that he was a rather hard-working and sincere person. She didn’t care about his status since she was convinced that Raja would eventually do well in life. She confessed her feelings to a friend who played cupid and introduced them to each other at a college festival. Lenny admitted her likeness to Raja, but Raja didn’t do so; at least, not openly. The hitch being that, Lenny was the only child of a rich industrialist and many young men tried to woo her; some for her money, few for her cute looks. But Lenny, being true to her spirit never paid heed to any of those wild chasers. That was one of the qualities that 3d mink blink eye lashes truly admired about her. Yet, the difference in their status always stopped him from proposing to her. Raja was aware that this irritated Lenny to no end. But he was conscious of his reputation in society and thought the world would assume him to be a greedy swindler if he dated her. He felt it was best to wait for some more time before he could give an apt name to their relationship. Though 3d mink blink eye lashes never confessed his love to her, Lenny was sure he adored her. This continued for around two years, while Raja and Lenny maintained the 3d mink blink eye lashes stance in front of all and sundry.

In a few days, Lenny’s birthday was coming up and her father had planned a grand party for her. There, she would be introduced to a young millionaire from a well-known family, for the sake of marriage. If things fell in place, Lenny’s father would get the couple engaged in the party, itself. Lenny had tried very hard to delay the meeting in the past but she just couldn’t dodge it this time. The day before her birthday, she told Raja about her father’s plan, and then mischievously asked him what he intended to gift her on her anniversary. She was, in reality expecting a formal commitment from him on her special day. Raja didn’t take her talks seriously and assured her that whatever it (the gift) would be, it would definitely be something special.

‘What do you gift a lady who has everything under the sun?’ Raja thought to himself, whilst reflecting on his financial condition, as he walked home from college that day.

When he reached home, Bhau called out to him as usual, to finish some chores in the workshop while he was out buying some sewing stuff. After having his grub, Raja sheepishly went to the edifice to finish his father’s sewing task, yet in his college clothes. He completely forgot to change his only, prized jeans and get into his old workshop attire, (an old pair of shorts and a ragged vest) which he normally wore when working in the workshop. He was too preoccupied thinking about Lenny’s gift. Raja saw a black, leather jacket left by his father near the sewing machine. He picked it up and started to work on it. While at work, he placed the bulky jacket on his lap and started to sew the hem with a thick needle and a thick, black thread. While sewing, he mistakenly tacked a stitch right through his baggy jeans and the jacket. Thus, the jacket unknowingly got stapled to his jeans. Raja was completely unaware of what he had done. Once finished with the hemming, Raja started the sewing machine to give the finishing touches to the garment. When he began to sew the jacket in the machine, he felt a jerk on his jeans and heard an eerie, ripping noise. The stitch which was sown through the jacket and his jeans pulled the utterly washed-out denim and tore it away from his thigh. Seeing his jeans tear, Raja was aghast and started to tremble with fear. He hurriedly shut the machine and pulled the jacket away to save his jeans from being frayed further. He had a thorough look at the jacket. Luckily, the sturdy jacket was intact, so he didn’t need to worry about it. Now, his jeans had a big slit on his right thigh and tassels were hanging from the tattered portion.

Worried that his father might return any moment, 3d mink blink eye lashes quickly changed into his workshop clothes and started thinking about how he could mend the slit on his jeans. He hastily took scraps of chunky, cotton, cloth pieces from the floor and darned them onto the torn portion with thick stitches, with the same needle and thread that he was using for the jacket. He wanted to be sure that the tattered flap wouldn’t flutter and make the gash visible. He was so tensed that he didn’t even bother to match the bits of cloth with the dark blue colour of his jeans. He thought he would darn the gash properly with a sewing machine some other time, when he would be free. Once through with the mending, he finished the work allotted by his father and then went for a nap; yet thinking about what would happen in college, the next day. He was just hoping for a miracle. For once in his life, he wished he had a magic lamp with a genie to grant him his wishes.

Raja reached college early next morning in his usual attire; his dark blue jeans and a simple shirt, but roamed about being a bit conscious of the patch on his outfit. He tried to hide it by pulling his shirt over it, now and again. He had a single red rose in his haversack as a gift for Lenny. Suddenly, Lenny shouted out to him and Raja unknowingly raised his hand in excitement to wave out to her. Lenny tried to get a grip on the stacks of bouquets and greeting cards in her hand and started walking towards him. She noticed something unusual on Raja’s attire and came closer to have a better view. After standing near him, she noticed the patchwork on his right thigh, clearly. Lenny let go of the flowers in her hand and unexpectedly started blushing; her cheeks, absolutely cherry red. Fluttering her eyelashes and with eyes twinkling with glee, she then covered her face in embarrassment. This baffled Raja and he remained quiet for a few seconds trying to figure out what could have caused the reaction. He lowered his haversack and dug into it to remove the rose he had got for Lenny, when Lenny shyly gushed, “Raja. This is the best gift you could have ever given to me on my birthday”. Raja was even more confused now, because he hadn’t even removed the rose from his bag as yet and Lenny was already thanking him for the gift. She continued, “You stamped my initial onto your jeans. This means you are finally committing your love for me, in front of the whole world and not to me alone. Ohh, Raja! You made me so happy today”.

Utterly confused by now, Raja sneaked a quick look on his jeans and was completely stunned by what he saw. The multi-coloured gash that he had sewn on the right leg of his old jeans was actually in the shape of the alphabet ‘L’. With the thick, black stitches making it more prominent, it actually seemed as though someone had deliberately sewn an L shaped patch on his jeans. It looked like a pretty, L shaped patchwork. Since 3d mink blink eye lashes had no option now, he dumped the rose back into his bag and spurted out, “Yes sweetheart! You’re right. I possibly couldn’t think of anything better for you. This is your birthday gift from me. I had promised you, it would be something special”. Lenny was so thrilled and flattered that she left Raja immediately and rushed to her friends and classmates and told them about Raja’s endearing proposal. They too gushed that it was so romantic; exactly out of a Mills and Boons novel and that Lenny was so lucky to have an affectionate boyfriend like Raja.

3d mink blink eye lashes
3d mink blink eye lashes

Now all the young men in college got curious and gathered near 3d mink blink eye lashes to have a look at his colourful work of art, his patchwork, and asked him how and where he’d got it made. Every single girl, in a relationship, informed their boyfriend that they too wanted them to bear their initial on at least one pair of jeans and wear it to college on every weekend to show that they are committed to their girlfriends.


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