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How To Be A Flirt: Five Easy Hints For Flirting With Guys

Have you wondered, over and over, how to be a flirt and get the kind of guy you want? Do you think some women just have a naturally flirtatious manner that comes out whenever it is needed? Do you, yourself, have what it takes to be a successful flirt? The fact is, anyone can learn how to be a flirt, and any woman can put these hints to use to get the kind of guys she is interested in. So, pay attention! Here are five easy hints for flirting with 3D mink strip eyelash.

3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

Be Yourself

Eieth top tip for how to be a flirt is to be yourself. Even though you are going to need to change some things about the way you behave, you are still the person you were born to be, inside and out. The more trouble you go to, to change the person you are inside, the less genuine, and therefore the less appealing, you will be.

Be Intriguing

Mystery and intrigue are a big part of flirting. You want to let guys know that you are interested, but you do not want to give away all your secrets, or go too far with your flirting. How to be a flirt? Give him just a peek, and leave him wanting more! You can do this in many ways – by dressing with just a touch of provocation, by applying a little lip gloss or lipstick in a certain, inviting way, or by peeking up at him through those gorgeous 3D mink strip eyelash. Be sure you practice any intriguing moves you plan to make in the mirror before you do them in person. If you want to watch the pros in action, take an afternoon and watch movies starring Marilyn Monroe and other fabled stars. Marilyn knew, better than anyone, how to be a flirt!

Be Beautiful, Inside and Out

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it bears repeating, anyway. Real beauty starts on the inside! Be sure you have a pleasant attitude, and a positive frame of mind, as you begin working on how to flirt. Your inner beauty will radiate.

As for the outside, be sure to take good care of your body. Spend some time working on your muscle tone each day, and be sure to keep your hair, skin and teeth in great shape. Use cosmetics, by all means – but don’t overdo it! Guys want to kiss real, living girls – not end up with makeup all over themselves.

Be Confident

You’ll never learn how to be a flirt, until you learn how to appear confident. So work on those moves and watch flirts in action. You, too can flirt – all you need is some confidence. It comes from inside, and shines out through your actions. You know what you want – so go for it!

Put It All Together

Once you have remodeled the total package, that represents you, for who you are, you’re ready to put those “how to be a flirt” lessons into action. With good looks, a great attitude, plenty of charm and a great deal of confidence, you’re prepared. Put everything together, and go out on a man hunt. You’ll soon be the envy of all the other single girls!

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3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

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