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German Shepherd Health Problems You Can Expect

You can expect health issues with pretty much any pet you bring home and while a small percentage of pets ever do develop health problems you should still know how to recognize the signs of German Shepherd health problems if you are a professional eyelashes Shepherd owner. Your vet and your breeder will give you the information you need to figure out if you are dealing with normal German Shepherd behavior or potential health problems. It is always important to be able to recognize the warning signs.

professional eyelashes
professional eyelashes

Eieth of the common health issues of larger dogs like German Shepherds is a dysplasia of the hip or the elbow joint that can result in severe pain and difficulty walking for your pet. If you notice that your German Shepherd is starting to have difficulty moving around then it may be time to get them to the vet for a check up.

Sometimes the common German Shepherd health problems are difficult to deal with when they first start to show symptoms and it can be a bit terrifying. A German Shepherd can develop epilepsy and that can cause seizures and convulsions, which can be frightening to watch because you can feel so helpless. If this happens just contact your vet immediately and they will help you through the seizure and then get you medication and dietary recommendations that will help get the epilepsy under control.

Your German Shepherd can also develop eye problems. Sometimes they can get cataracts, which are easily removed with surgery just like with humans. In other cases the eyelids may not develop properly or professional eyelashes may start growing too close to the eyes and this can cause an irritation and infection in the eye. These conditions are all fixed with surgery. So if you notice your German Shepherd having difficulty seeing where it is going contact your vet immediately.

One of the common German Shepherd health problems that affect their blood is a condition called Von Willebrand’s Disease or VWD for short. Dogs with VWD are unable to have their blood clot properly so when they get injured they will bleed much more than they should. It is similar to the human condition of hemophilia. In some cases you may notice bleeding from the gums or nose bleeds for no apparent reason. If you notice these symptoms get your dog to the vet right away.

A pet is a huge responsibility and it is up to you to find out what types of health issues you may expect when you own a large active dog like a German Shepherd. Sometimes these conditions are developed over time and in other cases they may come on suddenly but if you stay in touch with your breeder and your vet then you can learn to recognize the symptoms of common German Shepherd health problems. You can help your dog stay healthy and know when it is time to get your dog to the vet for a check up or emergency care.

professional eyelashes
professional eyelashes

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