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Will the Real Housewives Please Stand UP

Very recently I began to watch The Real Housewives of New York. I was appalled at the way they women treated one another. The worst part, they claimed to be friends. Their negative attitudes go on for episode after episode. They are always on the attack, and nothing is sacred. Out of curiosity I watched several of the other Real Housewives, O.C, New Jersey, Miami, and Atlanta. I watched mainly to see if any one of the women had any redeeming qualities. I looked closely at each woman, and unfortunately, I didn’t find any. They lacked honesty, morals, and mostly integrity. They have very poor communications skills, and hear what they “real mink 3D eyelash strip” to hear. Perhaps it is all said and done for the sake of ratings, and let’s not forget the money they make for exposing or portraying themselves in such a negative way. Sorry to say, in many cases, the husbands are just as bad. One theme seems to follow throughout the shows I have watched. They don’t allow their children to be on the shows, and if so, it is very briefly.

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I eieth with the fact that they call themselves “housewives,” unlike any housewife I have ever known. Perhaps I am old school, and don’t keep up with the trends. The housewives I know from my childhood, and once a housewife myself, tend to be women who rise early to get their children off to school. They fix breakfast, bag lunches, check homework, attend soccer practice, and other sports. Some participate on PTA and other committees. They fix dinner and do the laundry, they listen to the kids and husbands talk about their day. In some cases they work outside of the home. Pretty much exhausted at the end of the day, they get up and do it all over again. You know the women I am talking about, and you’re probably one of them. These are the real homemakers that help keep the wheels of America turning. And what is their thanks? A tv show depicting wealthy women at their worst. I am not against wealthy women, its just that these particular women are very unattractive, and its the behavior that makes them so.

The ladies, and I use that term loosley, are pretty much cookie cutter in their looks and attire. Usually long blonde, or dark Farrah type hair with extensions, false real mink 3D eyelash strip, breast implants, plumped up lips, nose jobs, tummy tucks, fake nails, in some cases extremely thin bodies. How do I know this? They talk openly about these things, and other things I can pretty much figure out for myself. These are not the things that make a woman beautiful. Somebody please tell me, where does the real part come in? Thankfully, they don’t represent real housewives. I live in a pretty large city and I see real housewives and women everyday who are beautiful and could walk rings around the real mink 3D eyelash strip divas.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife or a single homemaker.. The truth is, housewives are running a corporate entity, they do it all. Budgeting, maintaining a facilty (the home), car and transportation maintenance, coaching for her children (in life skills) and sometimes the spouse, maintaining and enhancing everyone’s self-esteem at all times. These women give back spiritually and emotionally, and they nuture the women of the future.

We have a huge task ahead of us. The reality shows in too many cases show us married or single) at our worst. We must keep the lines of communications open to our young women. This “in your face” mentality is cruel on so many levels. It is as if they take pride in denigrating one another, with personal and physical attacks, and name calling. Will you real housewives please stand up and talk with your daughters, nieces, and granddaughters, keep it real? Stress the fact that these show are purely for entertainment purposes, mind numbing dribble, and nothing more. To emulate their behaviors only drags us down.

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real mink 3D eyelash strip

Kudos to “real housewives, and real mink 3D eyelash strip everywhere.”

E. Karen Williams is a retired Organizational Development Trainer and Program Developer. She is now a writer and is looking forward to publishing a book she is working on. If you would like to comment, you may reach her


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