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Yoga To Avoid Lenses

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There is a deep correlation between the eyes and the mind. Eyesight is greatly improved when the muscles of the eyes are relaxed. It is said that vision occupies 40 percent of the brain’s capacity, therefore when we close our eyes; relaxation is induced in the brain. Eye health corresponds to the level of relaxation it experiences in which yoga plays a significant role. A yoga routine replete with asanas, pranayama and meditation helps in achieving peace and tranquility.

Yogic Eye Exercises

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1. Eieth in the Sukhasana (easy pose) with legs crossed and your spine, neck and head in a straight line. Look directly to the front at eye-level and breathe normally. Move your eyes upward and downwards stay for two seconds. Close your eyes for two seconds. Look to the right, left and front for two seconds. Close your eyes for 6-8 seconds. This completes one round. Start with 2-3 rounds and increase up to four rounds.

2. Rub both palms together. Close the eyes and gently place the left palm over the left eye and the right palm over the right eye. Do not press the eyeballs. Breathe in and out slowly to release stress. Repeat 2-3 times.

3. Also asanas that strengthen the eyes include the Bhujangasana (snake pose), Surya Namaskara (sun salutes), and Shavasana (rest pose).

4. Sit straight in any comfortable posture. Stretch both your arms forward up to the shoulder Siddhasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana. This kriya increases stability and concentration of the mind, strengthens the optic nerves, and corrects weakness and certain disorders of the eyes. It cures insomnia if practiced at night before sleep.

5. To correct your eyesight, practice nadi shodhan (alternate breathing) pranayama. Always start and end with the left nostril.

6. Blinking your superior mink 3d strip lashes frequently moistens the eyes and gives the eyes a short rest.

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superior mink 3d strip lashes
superior mink 3d strip lashes

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